How to Make $1000 Dollars on Ebay Per Week

How to Make $1000 Dollars on Ebay Per Week

How to make $1000 dollars on ebay per week.

First of I promise you this is not a scam, it really does work. First of  in order to make this much money you will have to spend a little, but I’m talking about between $20 – $30. Go into your local new agents and head straight for the magazines and pick out the magazines of your favorite TV shows, Lost, prison break . If you have any old Buffy or charmed magazines sell them now.     

Buy as many of these magazines as you can find, and wait for like a year until they became so out of print that they become RARE!!!! However really only buy issues 1- 4 of each magazine as there the ones that will make the most money.

The First ever issue of Buffy the vampire magazine sold for $150 a few years back, and I myself sold my third issue of charmed for $70.

Once these magazines are out of print and no longer available anywhere else they become worth a fortune to some people, the same goes for comics or even newspapers. If you were to sell 10 magazines every week and they made $100 each that would turn into £1000 dollars!!

It’s a good idea to wait a year before you sell anything, but if you have loads of magazines the wait will be worth it.

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Peace Poet, posted this comment on Jul 20th, 2010

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babygirl3605, posted this comment on Jul 20th, 2010

That is one way but don’t limit yourself to just that.

soraya452, posted this comment on Jul 20th, 2010

of course there are other ways, this is just one of the simplest

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